Complaint: Renovus/Zapelo is not functioning in an manner that will allow us to “port”” our data to a different website. It would not be necessary if the website was functioning properly

Tags: Realtors

Address: but it is not. There is absolutely no one to contact to resolve any issues. My understanding is that Jack Berube who bought the company several years ago is intending to develop a new website under the name of Zapelo and is intending to market it to Realtors. My purpose is to have Mr. Berube either fix the current website or allow us to port our data out. The portion of the site that would allow that is currently not functioning. We have been with this company for more than 10 years and had no intention of going anywhere


Phone: however; as the website is non functioning we have no choice but to leave. We have prepaid Mr. Berube and are considering that money to have been lost.”