Rent A center totally violated my rights. You won’t believe what they did to me. Please feel free to read the following complaints. If you should have a simular situation do not hesitate to contact me. nDear Rent a Center Inc./ Corporate office; February 14, 2003 nI was told I could not have your phone number or speak to you in your corporate office in Plano Texas. However I was given your fax number. As I retrieved your names online at I decided to CC a few of you to insure this letter will go to the proper department Since the district manager Kevin Ruckle of West Virginia has not returned my two phone calls made 2/10/2003 & 2/11/2003 at 304-296-2215, I decided to contact Rent A Centers Corporate office.nAttached is my complaint n My name is Kelly XXXXX I am a customer of Rent A Center in Bridgeport West Virginia. I currently am leasing two items from your Bridgeport Store. nOn Jan 7th I moved from my home in Clarksburg to a Bridgeport West Virginia. Upon my move, I called my creditors including Rent A Center with my current address and telephone number. nFeb 14th I received a call from Rent A Center discussing payment arrangements Please note this is after I moved. I reminded them I had a few weeks coming to me for referrals and that I would be in the store after that time expires. nOn Feb 8th I called Natalie XXXX to arrange child care with her 15 year old daughter for I had to run and pay bills. I left a message to call me back. 15 minutes later I receive a call from Mrs. XXXX informing me that Rent A Center Manager threatened to call the Police authorities on me and that I was in big trouble for behind payments on my account. n Not only did Mrs. XXXX tell me about this innocent she also explained to me that they harassed her several times prior after asking them to stop. She feels victimized by Rent A Center Bridgeport, WV. Please see “Natalie XXXXX”” nI am full aware I am approximately one week behind in payments. I had full attention to come into Rent A center Saturday Feb 8th 2003 and make my account up to date and install an additional months payments. nAfter hearing from Natalie xxxxx that I was in big trouble and maybe looking at jail

I was frightened. The last 3 weeks I have been on Chemotherapy medication for RA. I have been on bed rest due to the reaction of chemotherapy and RA. I honestly was scared to death and still am of the repercussions of your office in Bridgeport for non payment on a lease/ rental contract.. I subsequently

called the Police Department to notify them of my concerns of being arrested for non payment. nI later found WEST VIRGINIA Consumer Goods Rental Protection Act West Virginia Code

As added by Laws 1993

S. B. 108