I went to the store on Saturday, March 16 to rent a recliner for my daughter who would be coming out of the hospital. They told me I could not just rent the recliner, I had to rent the entire set. the cost was $34.00 a week. I told them I needed it for two weeks. They told me 4 weeks was the least amount of time. I paid 4 weeks in advance. nThe delivery date was March 19. My husband changed his hours at work so he could be there. The furniture did not come on the 19th. We waited all day and did not get a call or the delivery. Finally at 5:00 we called and were told they were running late and would be there by 7:00. They did not show up. We got a phone call at 7:00 that they’d be there on the 21st. nI received the furniture on the 21st and was quite happy with it. On Sunday April 14 I received a call saying that my rent was late. I informed them that I did not receive the furniture until the 21st and therefore had one more week. The told me that the rent starts on the day of the contract not when the furniture is delivered! I told them to pick up the furniture immediately at which point I was put on hold and ultimately hungup on. nI called back and asked that they pick up the furniture immediately. I was told I owed $11.00 to close out the account. I was not happy, but paid it. I arranged for the pick up on Tuesday April 16 and again my husband had to rearrange his hours. I thought I was done. nOn Tuesday, I got a call again from them telling me I had to pay my rent! I quite angrily explained that i had terminated the contract on Sunday. I told the person that I had arranged for the pickup that day. He assured me that it would be picked up that day. We’ll see.

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