I have been renting from rent a center for the last 3 years. for the first 2 it was ok until a new manager started. then it went down hill. when i was late on a payment he would call me when store hours was close and start talking dirty to me he would do this on the phone. even when i came in to make a payment the other employees use to laugh like it was funny. it made me feel uncomforable. i have ask if there was another rent a center near where i live so that they could tranfer the account. i was told that they could. to this day they have yet to change my account and i don’t feel comfortable in that store. it has been a month since i have paid. i’m not trying to ditch them but nor am i trying to be humilited in the store. They have yet to bang on the door so i think they have a feeling of what the manger is doing is wrong. i hope that he gets what he deserve cause if he’s doing it to me he’s doing to alot of the women that comes thought his store. and to sum it up he’s married. i guess that’s his way of getting women to pay is to ack like you like them some people fall for it but i’m not inpresses at all. SO i guess you wonder what he does to the guys that come to his store when they a day late. he bangs down there door why cause he have no use for them. nIjohnsonnBROOKLYN, New YorkU.S.A.

9718 Church Ave Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.


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