***Inappropriate Behavior and poor business practices*** nOn Saturday October 7th 2006, my daughter and her husband approached a Rent-A-Center store located at 32-75 STEINWAY ST ASTORIA, NY 11103 with the intention of renting some furniture for their new apartment in Woodside, NY. My daughter has recently moved into New York where my son-in-law is starting a new career opportunity. She is 6 months pregnant. nOn that particular day, during their visit to the store, she asked one of the store employees to allow her to use their public restroom. The employee identified himself as “judd”” (we are not sure of the correct spelling) and asked her to follow him into the store’s storage room to show her their employee-only bathroom. She followed him while her husband continued shopping at the store. When my daughter finished her business in the bathroom

she opened the door with the intention of exiting and found Mr. “”judd”” outside the door. He then proceeded to make several comments and propositions of sexual-nature and told my daughter that “”he had this thing for pregnant women”” and that “”what was she doing with a man like her husband because she was too pretty””

he also offered her directly to engage into sexual contact at that exact time. My daughter threatened him with screaming and he then told her that he was joking

that it was a big mistake and please not to say anything to the manager because he could lose his job. He then received a phone call on his cell phone and moved away from her (although he never made actual physical contact with her

he was at all times blocking her only exit way back to the store). In an obvious shock