My wife went to rent-a-center to get a new matteress and they told her that she can change the payment arrangement at anytime the first week the gave us a regular matteress but charged us for a pillowtop matteress. So we asked them to change it on the next week and reimberse for the last week. Then when they showed up with the bunkbed for our daughter it was missing screws and parts. Then one week I was not payed my wife called two days before the scheduled payment, she asked it she could pay for two weeks. The guy said yes and my wife found out for a third time that they were still charging us for a pillowtop matteress, but it was ok that we pay next week and quoted us the price that we would have to pay. Two days later they said we had to pay now not next week. That is when they decided that we had to give back the merchandice. nGenenReno, NevadaU.S.A.

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