Complaint: The first problem occurred when moving in. We payed prorate for the rest of the month, and excitedly turned on our electricity. The only problem was we needed a copy of our signed lease to get the water turned on. They only cared about getting our money, and despite paying a prorate, wouldn’t give us a copy of the signed lease. We called and called, but Audrey just told us the landlord was out of town, too bad for us. Great, it’s not like we needed water anyways. We called when our living room flooded, and Audrey said “Well

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Address: what do you want me to do about it?!”” (Help us pick up our couch and t.v.???) Audrey never lets us speak to her manager

Website: and I’d recommend getting them dated and notarized. To think Audrey was so sweet when we were signing the papers. Now we ask for a form to be emailed

Phone: and will blatantly tell us no if we ask (“”He’s too busy.””) She’ll try to bully you into leaving her alone. She tried to get us to pay two security deposits