Complaint: This company is Ok until things dont go according to plan. Then you are in trouble They just dont care. The website is a sham telling you they only supply from a handful of top companies. This isnt the case they supply from anyone who can supply as they have now told me. The website paints a rather different picture. On the ground you are at the mercy of whoever they source the vehicle from something you dont know until you have paid. In my case we got an filthy unroiadworthy vehicle that belonged to a staff member and had 60000 on the odometer. They wouldnt exchange it wouldnt assist until after the contract was up. The staff tried the old extort the customer whos catchingca flight by delaying them as long as possible and then making up bogus problems , fuel thats not full [quoted as supplied full and supplied 5/8ths] etc etc I could go on and on They will not address this with the supplier and just selectivly answer emails pertinaing to the matter. A bunch of fraudsters, avoid the pain and hazardous vehicles.

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