Rentham Photography-Cleveland Ohio, Wedding Photographers-Cleveland Ohio, Wedding Photography-Cleveland Ohio, ripped us off good. First they were late to the Salon where the girls were having the hair and make up done. He spent way to much time shooting us. He looked like a wolf onn the hunt if you get what I mean. We got to the church on time. | During the wedding all I could see was Mike and his wife arguing at the back of the church. They were stomping around like a bunch of angry teenagers. It was a Catholic wedding so I could actually see what was going on. They were disruptive. Even the priest stopped and looked up. This was outrageous. | Forget the receiving line, he had a few of really bad pictures which was sign of what was to come. The reception was a total mess. They missed half the bridal party and well lets just say these 2 amateurs at best, ruined a ton of pictures that were not focused right. There were just a handful of pictures that were any good. The rest could be used at the bootom of a bird cage. | If you look at their website the pictures are breathtaking, however the end result was far, so far from the website. You have to wonder if they even took those pictures. The worst of it was that MIKE was asking some of the bridesmaids for their phone numbers so he could use them as models. Yes, my girls in the party are gorgeous and could be models if they wanted. We found out why. he is listed as a model photographer, not a wedding photographer! Dont believe… here is his website on Model Mayhem and notice he has nsfw warning. There are several pictures the the webiste blocked out because of adult content. I | I paid $2700.00 for this trash, oh and on their website they calim to be amatuers that took up photography just to see if they were any good. Brides keep looking, this pervert is troubling and he also got a littel nasty at one of my bridesmaids that told him ro screw off ( know the f word was used), I called them to no avail! |


  • Name: Rentham Photography
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleveland
  • Address: 3143 W 33rd St
  • Phone: 216-534-7207
  • Website: