Shortly before Halloween, an ad appeared in my facebook feed from the above company advertising an awesome Alien costume from the Alien movies. It appeared to be of good quality and was being sold for a limited time at the special price of $39.99 unil 200 units were sold, then the costume would be sold at it’s original price of $149.99. Thinking that this deal was too good to be true, I was willing to gamble the $40 bucks even if the item came and to be found not quite what I was seeing in the advertised pictures. Shipping was estimated to be 7-14 days, so I paid my money and sat back, eagerly awaiting my costume to be delivered just in time for Halloween! Well, I waited and waited… Fast forward to November 6, where I find a small grey squishy package about the size of a box of cereal. Had I purchased only the plans to built this magnificent costume? Was it in miniature? I opened the bag to find a cheap Grim Reaper costume consisting of a thin grey and black robe, cloth mask w/ skull print attached to a hood, cloth mittens with bony hands print on them and a black sash to complete the look. Upon the package manifest was the declared worth of the item by for a whopping $5.00! So begins my foray in contacting this company in an attempt to get the correct item or my money back. Something tells me that I gambled and lost on this, “deal of the century””

but I will do so anyway for an end to this adventure in buying things directly from China. Don’t get me started on the leather jacket I got…”

Flying Avenue 69, Nanjing Airport Jiangsu, Nanjing China