The above named company claimed to be an airline agent.I called them to book for four passengers flying on a return ticket to Nigeria,they gave me a price for u00a3560(Arik airline);593(BA) and advised me to pay a deposit of u00a3100 each to secure my ticket. A confirmation email was sent to my box for the reciept of the payment.The initial agreement was that,three passengers will board on Arik airline fight and one will board on a BA flight.The money for the BA was later completed, After which a further email was sent to me requesting for further payment of u00a3385 which they claim is for fuel surcharge and taxes. When argument ensued, they referred me to their first email,which has a very small print written “a further u00a3385 will be requested””. I requested that my initial u00a3300 for the other three passengers should be used to balance the u00a3385 which is being demanded

after which I will balance with u00a385. This company refused. Claiming my money is non refundable. My argument is that i want the sum money of u00a3300 to be used to balance the already paid amount of u00a3593 so as to make up for the passenger going with B.A. Another issue of concern is whether the deposit of the money paid totalling u00a3300 for the Arik passengers can be transferred to balance up the passenger travelling with B.A so as to complete payment as the deposit is non-refundable but not non-transferrable. This is why I have decided to write this report and I hope investigation will be carried out soon. Thanks


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