I bought a timeshare and decided I wanted to sell it. I got this e-mail from Resales Buy Owner and e-mailed them with my information. Then they called me and explained how they worked in selling timeshares. It all sounded legitimate to me. The charge was $745.00. It was charged to my credit card. I received the contract and filled it out and signed it and sent it back to them. They listed my time share on their website. Time went by and I did not hear nothing from them and I called and talked to Shaina Williams, who sent me my contract initially and set everything up. I asked her if anyone was interested in my timeshare and she said that they were having a show that should get interested buyers and there was a good possibility it would soon sell. I let a few more months go buy and called her again to drop the price and that was the last I heard from them. They do not aggressively try to sell your timeshare like a realtor sells a house and I definitely learned a lesson about putting money up front. They are rip-off artists and I would tell anyone that who asked about them. I called SellMyTimshare and they work the same way with putting money upfront. All of these places saying they will sell your timeshare for you, but you need to pay up front, please beware and don’t fall for it. It is a serious scam and I feel everyone who has been burnt by them need to band together and put them out of business. I am going to contact the Florida Attorney General and get on board with the lawsuit that they are slapping against Resales Buy Owner. Please get on board if you were a victim of them. Strength in numbers!

1700 S. Ridgewood Ave South Daytona, Florida United States of America

386 322-9515