Resales by(Buy) Owners called me and offered to sell my timeshare in Las Vegas. Of course, this came at a price–$998. This was upfront for them to show my timeshare. I then began to hear that resales of timeshares was a ripoff. When I tried to get in touch with them I received no answer. Nor, could I reach them by e-mail. They now have my money but I cannot get in touch with them and of course, they haven’t called me. A company called me and told me they could get my money back but would keep 1/2 of it. I decided this was better than nothing. They did that and I received 1/2 of my money. Now, Resales By Owners has contacted my credit card company and are disputing the money. I can’t reach them but they can call my credit card company. It has all been a ripoff!!!!

1700 South Ridgewood Ave Daytona, Florida United States of America


Resales Buy Inc.