My daughter just had pretty much the same experience with this company as the original reporter (Scammersstink Citrus Heights, California) had. nShe manages properties for several property owners in Duluth, MN. nShe received multiple calls from the same phone number but, no messages were ever left. When she did answer the call, the woman calling asked about a particular property she had had listed in the newspaper. My daughter told her the property had already been rented. nThe woman then asked my daughter for a list of addresses of all the properties she managed, telling her she was building a database for military housing. nMy daughter told her it wouldn’t be practical for her to give her that kind of list, since all of her properties were currently occupied and when they did become available, the turn around time on them was usually very short. nShe suggested to the caller that the better option was just to have people call her once they saw one of her ads in the paper. At that point, the caller hung up. nSince the caller had not identified who she was or exactly who she was calling for, I did some searching online and was able to come up with the company connected to the phone number that displayed on my daughter’s phone. nAfter I found that information and the information contained on this website, my daughter called several property owners in her area and they all reported receiving phone calls from that same number. Since no messages had been left, they did not return the calls. nI have no idea what the motive behind these calls is but, I’m highly suspicious of it being for military housing purposes. nKathleennCloquet, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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