Chief general manager – in – charge, Funds remittance department, Reserve bank of india., 6, sansad marg,. New delhi – 110 001. India Date:13/07/2011. Attention!! (mr. suddapalli paparao) Welcome to the reserve bank on lianne bking This is to notify you that we have received a demand draft / draft of $850, 000. u. s. dollas (eight hundred and fifty thousand us dollas) in respect of your won prize from the british telecommunications company uk mobile draw award which have also been refer to us from the signal department of british telecommunications company award promo. Your demand draft has been fully processed by the insurance & ministry of finance endorsement stamps and the approval signature of the governor of the reserve bank which we have signal your representative / the british diplomat (mr ben cliff). We are waiting for your account details and your registration payment fee so that we can proceed in transferring your money into your account. Please find the attachment of the fund release registration form, fill it and return back to us immediately to enable us complete our formalities for further proceeds in transferring of your funds immediately Note: your required to make payment of thierten – thousand five hundred india rupees (13, 500 inr) only. this is to enable us confirm your account / register and transfer your fund into your account. Note: as soon as we receive your form and confirm your payment we shall proceed in transferring your money into your given account. please after making the payment send the scan copy of the deposit slip for confirmation. thanks mrs. usha khanna (r. b. i) remmitance dept new delhi. Authority to remit application form 11 (1). jpg 204k view download

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