I own a fixed week timeshare in Cabo San Lucas at the Tesoro resort. I paid $585 as a maintenance fee in good faith planning to bank the week with RCI as I usually do each year. In 2011 Resort Com International took over management of all billing, payment processing and collection of maintenance fees and I paid my fee directly to them in November 2011. I have never had a problem in the past. nNo less than five times since November 2011 my week has been returned and rejected by RCI because they have indicated that Resort Com International is in the process of working out some type of agreement with RCI. Therefore, the week cannot be banked. It will be lost if it is not banked by early March. With each passing day, the week loses value. nPlease be aware of these issues. You may choose to not pay your maintenance fee unless you are specifically visiting the resort. If you are planning to trade, please beware!

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