I was contacted by Resort Equity Marketing(REM) associate in March of 2007. The beginning of the conversation was to confirm that I had a timeshare with Westgate Resorts in Gatlinburg,TN and if I was interested in selling this timeshare. I have this timeshare because of my ex-husband, and he could not afford the annual upkeep & taxes. After a year keeping the timeshare myself, neither can I. It was paid for through the divorce, but I can not afford an annual vacation and the upkeep on it, so I wanted to rid of it, so I explained that to the sales lady. The lady told me that the company could advertise my timeshare sell/rent to corporate companies to use annually. I was hesitant at first, but she assured me they have information to send out, and a website to refer to for validity. She went over everything I needed to know about the contract and how it works. She assured me that many sell within ninety days. If there was no sale or contact within 180 days, I would get a $1000.00 Shopping certificate from an online site. After a half an hour conversation of pushing a sale, I agreed to use this advertising company and try to sell my timeshare. This cost me $695.00 of my tax refund. After a couple days of thinking and budgeting, I called back to talk to the same lady and told her I changed my mind about this. It was in the valid amount of time. She talked and talked and assured me this would work, and to give it 90 days that she was going to a conference that weekend to sell some timeshares, and she would put me on her high priority list. I guess that assured me for the time being, because I decided to stay a little longer. After that point, I was never contacted. I called over ten times to see what was going on and could never get a hold of the same sales lady, she was always out of town or on the phone. Customer service would not help any and could not refund any back to me after ninety days. After I did not hear anything after the 180 days, I called this company back. The sales lady who I originally dealt with was no longer employed there. All customer service did was say it was not enough time, and they did this until this recently. I just called a month ago, and they finally mailed me the $1000 online shopping certificate. When I go to the website to maybe get something out of this, I find out that it is not a valid website at all. I am tired of playing games with this company. I see that many have been scammed from them. I want something back from this company. That was a lot of money I was hoping to use for something else. I am a single mom and that loss still affects me. I still had to pay my timeshare taxes and maintenance for last year and this year as well. I would appreciate any help or lawsuit filed against them. Thanks for the time! nRrenee82nAthens, TennesseeU.S.A.

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