Rcvd phone call offering two 3 nights/4 days trips to FL at Spinnaker Resorts, plus a 3 day cruise plus $100 spening money for meals. Was promised confirmation call within 10 hours. # days went by and I tried calling them no reply. Called my credit card company placed a claim. About 5 days later rcvd written offer from Spinnaker Resorts. Called Spinnaker or Resorts Sales, don’t know which answered. Stated our dates for two back to back in Ormand Beach and Orlando for Nov. 2012. Was told I wld rcv 2 separate confirmation emails, one from each resort. After 2 -3 days rcvd a call stating they can’t give me confirmations since they got word from their credit card co or bank about the $399 hold. Called my credit card co and removed the hold then th fun began. Cal after call unanswered. I even emails a copy of my credit card statement to show the $399 was paid. Spoke with Jennifer Cullison at Resort Sales. Told her I was sending copy of my ststement. So, through Aug 16th my last call, no replies. On Aug 15th I filed a Consumer Complaint with the Attorney General of Missouri asking for a refund as settlement. No answers from AG, Spinnaker or Resorts Sales.

700 Blue Meadows Dr Branson, Missouri United States of America

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