I currently oown a timeshare in Florida. I have been unable to use it like I would like too. I had thought about selling it. One day I actually received a call from this company. I had thought about trying to sell through another agency. nThe person I spoke with was apparently a good sales person for the company because he convinced me that Resorts Nationwide was the place to come to for selling my timeshare. I was told that most units sell within 90 to 180 days with the ones that don’t are usually becuase the seller is unwilling to negotiate. I was told the advertise to sporting orginizations etc. I was told the area my timeshare is located which is Orlando Fl was the 2nd most sought after area. Las Vegas being number 1. nWell I paid the fee they requested which was actuaklly quite a bit figuring it would be worth it. Boy was I ever wrong. It has been over 3 years since it was supposedly advertised. Hell I am not sure it even is. I partially blame myself for not doing a bitof research and reading comments from others. I never hear from them in anyway shape or form. I have not received one single offer. I firmly beleive I as ripped off and that companes like this should not be in business.

140B West 5th Avenue Mount Dora, Florida United States of America

(352) 383-0225