I will leave names out of this to respect anonymity. I paid the owner of this company $6,000 for an email marketing campaign that was supposed to include 60,000 emails. Before I paid the owner he also assured me at least a 1% sales conversion so 1% of 60,000 would be 600. My first complaint is he only gave me 23,000 emails. Of those emails some of them had not been active since 2009. I HD to take the owner and his tech guy to small claims court. Both of them lied under oath the whole time with claims they provided arbitrary costly services which they did not. I noticed the owners name has several lawsuits against him. His shady uncle is an attorney and complete sleaze ball. I hope for their own sake they start being honest with themselves and others. It’s their own eternal soul that HD to worry about lying under oath and lying and stealing from good people. Overall a horrible experience working with response wise and I would not recommend this company.


  • Name: Response Wise, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Austin
  • Address: 1417 W 51st St
  • Phone: 512-318-2495
  • Website: www.responsewise.com/