back in late july lieutenant patterson and he ask if I would help him get a merchant account and since we were friend’s I said I would help and I told him I don’t have any money but I have an excellent credit rating,well I had until I let him talk me into using my credit card to help with the business. He told me my creit card was only for show and would never be charged,but that wasn’t the case,the minute my credit card “which was suppose to be only for show”” got charged for a bunch of back charges and late bill and within 3 days he manage to put over 1600.00 dollars of charges on my card

and when I confronted him he swore that he would pay for the charges

but that never happened!!!!! since

his failure to uphold his word I’m over 4000.00 dollars in debt on this credit card and to make matters even worst I’ve had to go into our pension fund to try to make my credit card payment’s because I trusted him to be a man of his word and now I’m left with over 4000.00 my interest rate on my credit card has been raised

and has lead to having my card cancel.I fear to see want damage it has done to my credit rating!!! I may never see my money and the years I spent repairing my credit was wiped out in 3months time. because of his lack of respect and disregard for anyone alongs as he get’s want he want