Larry Jennings of Restore Property Management does NOT PAY his contractors that work for him. Every big ticket job we did for Larry Jennings was cut in price from what was billed. Many invoices were never paid at all. He stated that if we could win a fist fight with him he would cut us a check, otherwise we were not getting paid anything. He required rock bottom bids from us but bids submitted by Larry were SUBSTANTIALLY higher than we were permitted to submit. | Larry Jennings is under-handed and practices dishonesty and thievery in his business. He states that he ensures that his contractors will get paid because he knows how it feels to work for a living and not get paid and that is why he opened his business but then he goes behind their prices at every turn in the road. | Larry states he is a rich man and does not need to work. He states he has enough money for he and his family to live comfortably without working another day for the rest of his life and I can see why…..he steals from the little guy and strives to put the little guy out of business. Larry brags about putting companies out of business and I believe that his goal was to put us out of business as well but has not yet succeeded in his pursuits. | ALL CONTRACTORS: Please BEWARE of Larry Jennings he will rip you off any way he sees fit and when you confront him about discrepanies in billing he will tell you that he charged you back for some trumped up reason and if it is extremely excessive he will tell you that it is his right to do that BECAUSE HE CAN. He will further state that he can charge you back EVERYTHING HE HAS EVER PAID YOU IF HE WANTS TO!!!! | BEWARE you will not make any money working for this company as a contractor and could quite possibly lose your business completely. Do NOT trust this man or his company.


  • Name: Restore Property Management llc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Huber Heights
  • Address: 5572 Shady Oak St
  • Phone: 937-789-5325
  • Website: