Complaint: I dont need to do a whole cyber bashing session to plead my case. I would rather the evidence speak for itself and if people still want to convince themselves that purchasing from this studio is a sound ethical decision; then they can do so knowing that this designer is a fraud and a thief. It only takes a few minutes of research to learn that this studio should face punitive charges and if anything should be given zero business. First, lovely confetti is a studio press recommended 3rd party genesis child theme developer. Having studio press recommend you as a genesis designer is an honor and thus ensures their customers are recieving well coded child themes. Look at restored 316 design wordpresstheme she uses for her own site and compare it to lovely confetti’s theme however, you will notice she no longer sells the wordpress themes that she once boasted were her own You will find evidence of this on her facebook page) After that go to , and peruse her site. Pay close attention to her footer link that uses a “made with Insert heart icon)”” then compare it to lauren gaige’s footer link. Also

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: look ar lauren gaige’s favicon tht she uses in comparison to lovely confetti. I showed specifics from 2 different businesses

Website: i will list a couple of other obvious signs that this designer is a fraud. Go to her site and look at her designs and demo content then look at her pricing strategies. She lacks any cohesive pricing strategy. Her blogger designs for no stated reason range start at 34.00

Phone: however her wordpress designs are a combination of designs from etsy designers. Building wordpress themes is a very large market and designs are similair due to less customization options. Im not sure of the copyright laws abiding wordpress templates. I gave you some links to follow to show you specific examples stolen wordrpress designs including similiar copyrighting