CLAIM AGAINST MR RODOLPHE BELIN AND ELEGANCIA GROUP , AKA CHATEAUX LIFESTYLE. | Chateaux Lifestyle is a company built by Mr Rodolphe Belin reported aready here.I have done my work with verbal acceptation of my quotation but it seems those people don’t want to pay even after one month of work.The attitude of those guys are not Trustable for all the suppliers. | Mr Belin is already reported here so I think I am not the first.I saw already 2 reports about companies he was involved in. | He has also new associates as Elengancia Group managed with Mr Sauvage and his partners.. | They are meessing with my fees and I guess they have decided to use fake arguments after one month of work and reworks. [continued below]….


  • Name: Restrepo
  • Country: China
  • State:
  • City: Shanghai
  • Address: 500 xingle lu House 43 Mihang district
  • Phone: 86-138-161-47223
  • Website: