Complaint: I signed a contract with this company about 5 months ago based on claims that they would provide legitimate Search Engine Optimization for my website. I was just informed by my professional web hosting company — who looked into their SEO methods — that they set up back-links from spam article websites, filled with gibberish texts and a few key words, which pointed to back to my website. I was told that the spam websites, which have a trust score of “0”” according to their investigation

Tags: Search Engine Optimization

Address: have been the main factor in why my Google search rankings have fallen 50-75% worse than when I started with Resultfirst. They have actually damaged my website’s reputation. Resultfirst uses Black Hat illicit SEO tactics and lies about their methods… in response to my latest querry about how Resultfirst operates

Website: “”Our process involves on page optimization promoting your site and using backlinks from powerful trusted sites””. I wouldn’t call spam gibberish websites such as or “”trusted sites””. Check them out for yourself

Phone: I received an email from Ryan Matthew a company representative for Resultfirst in San Diego