Complaint: I used the trial version to build a resume and after finally looking at my online credit card statement realized i had been paying a monthly subscription that i apparently agreed to when i did the trial. this is such a deliberate means to collect fees through switch and bait. i racked up nearly $400 in fees. when i did a live chat the responses seemed scripted which led me to beieve this is a common complaint they receive and are prepared to respond in their “we know and we don’t care

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Address: sucker”” way. it’s obvious from all these entries that i am correct – always should check Ripoff Scams first!! – and that they have no intention of changing this unethical but very effective practice. they were very clear that contacting my cc company would not help and that they are prepared to litigate (in other words

Website: they would solicit for this info or at least upon seeing that you haven’t touched it in the whole 10 months subscribed

Phone: don’t bother