Complaint: I used 1 template on the Resume Genius website. The offer stated it would cost 1.99 to download. There was no mention of any other charges. However 3 months later I notice I am being charged 39.95 when I called the terrible customer service, I was told that after 14 days I should have cancelled or 34.59 would be charged tp my account monthly for the service. I told him that I did not see that message anywhere when I signed up and all he could say was it was there and that they have a very strict refund policy so all he could do was cancel my account. I feel completely ripped off especially because this is a resume company. I am obviously out of a job and looked to resume genius for help to better my resume so that I can find employment. I cannot afford these unessecary charges. Also the customer service person I spoke with was incorrect about the charges when he stated the charges were 34.59 a month when actually I was charged 39.95 per month. I would advise anyone thinking about using them not to, unless you do not care about paying additional monthly fees.

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