Lurton lipscomb,DBA as Resurrection Financial collected substancial upfront fees for a group investorrs raising seed capital and funding for several startup companies. He assured us we would close within 90 day. after almost 2 years not one deal has closed. | He uses recopied poorly preprinted forms for retainer agreements with no or very little, information. His one page engagment letter are worthless, His is referrences or non existant. He is a upfront fee collection machine, at $4,500 that he collects, You hear from him for him for about 2 weeks and then communication slowly stops. or when does, the deal mysteriously cant be done,. | His complex asset based reals estate transactions to raise millions of dollars through aquisitions of resdiential real estate and cross collateralized for eventual sale on the OTM or penny stock is his MO | He has no license, no accredidation in any State. Never produced professional legal documents required nor documentation in a simple real estate transaction he never produces. Whe confronted with these deficiencies in his business conduct, he becomes defensive, personally offensive and uses TRADECRAFT fruad techniques to deflect what he is not doing on your behalf. It appears he not bonded or has E&O insurance | He appears to be a a one man shop that collects upfront fees as his main business. | It is my one man mission to see that he is stopped, as he as he breaking State and Federal lending laws. I need others to come forward to get the attention necesssary for Federal and State Attorney Generals office to pursue criminal charges | BUYER BEWARE FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO CONVENTION FUNDING, HE WILL DEGRAGATE YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION WHEN THINGS DON’T GO ACCCORDING TO PLAN


  • Name: Resurrection Financial, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Augusta
  • Address:
  • Phone: (706) 426-0123
  • Website: