Complaint: Nov. 25 2005 Aprox 6pm I was parked in a lot along an UNMARKED curb along with FOUR other vehicles at 11915 N Center across from the Oregon State liquor store. There are not any “No Parking”” signs posted at or even near this area. I have visited this area for a number of years and as far as I and many others know (including local business owners) this is an established parking area. Although there are mostly striped “”pull in”” spots in this lot

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Address: sometimes these “”pull in”” spots are full and it common for patrons to park parallel along this curb. After a meal at one one the deli’s I came out to find my car missing. Not even thinking it could of been towed I called 911 to report a stolen car when someone overheard my cell phone conversation and informed me they saw Retriever Towing haul my car away. To my knowledge none of the other cars parked in this same area were towed. I eventually located one of Retrievers signs at the far entrance of the lot and called them. It cost me $177 and cab fare to get my car. I do not make a practice parking in no parking zones. If this area had signs

Website: 1551 NW Quimby Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

Phone: painted curb or anything to indicate one would be towed I am sure I and countless others would not regularly park there. I contacted the property owners mgmnt company “”DEERING MANAGEMENT”” and even they admitted over the phone there are not any signs or indications of not being able to park in this area. I hope with pictures and verification by other patrons and business owners I WILL get my money back from Retrievers BAIT & TOW scam. Ted Vancouver