Complaint: This person named is Michael MacLin, aka Michael Primus, aka Reverend Michael Primus, Ph.D. This person runs a number of social media web pages as well as contributes to several video sharing sites. His qualifications list him as having a D.D., or Doctorate of Divinity and a Ph.D. and he makes claim to being a psychology student in his 3rd year. However, all of his degrees were purchased from the notorious Universal Life Chuch and lack even the most basic of accreditation. Never-the-less, he lays claim to be the originator of an Illuminati group as well as several schools of “Magick”” and offers memberships into his own special brand of the Illuminati for a fee and a quick interview and exam. He originally claimed to have a 501(c) non-profit for this School of Magick

Tags: Churches

Address: however since being pressed on that item he has removed that reference from one of his many social media pages. All attempts to verify any non-profit belonging to a person using any of his aliases proved unfounded. He closely aligns himself with Illuninatiam

Website: all the while pursuing the agenda to recruit to his own personal Illuminati army. Essentially he is attempting to discredit others while lavishing himself in the glory and profiting from his association with his brand of the Illuminati. His pages are regularly suspended for fraud

Phone: an organization and business based in Beverly Hills