I have lived at 700 King st. for 4 years. It is a newly constructed apartment building, operated by REVO. There has been consistent issues since Ive moved in, and I would not and have not recommended it to anyone. Firstly, the parking is ridiculous, there is not enough parking for the people who live here, nevermind visitors. There is underground parking, but that has a waiting list, that some people wait on until they move out, and you are even charged for outdoor parking. Now that they have build a 3rd tower, and there is no near by land for parking, anyone who moves in will not have a spot to park. | Second issue is the fire alarms. The fire alarms are connected electronically through out the building, so that if theres a fire on the 5th floor and your on the 20th you would know. The problem is with the electronics, it seems everything in this building was tossed together quick to save a buck. The fire alarms randomly go off, these alarms are louder and more annoying then your typical battery alarm, that can be turned off with the push of a button or the wave of a towel. The Alarms have been known to go off in the early morning hours, and go until the Fire Dept. arrives, clears the building and determines there is no fire. Its not much fun getting up for work after a night like that. Between them testing the alarms every month, them constently going off, and the random idiot who thinks its funny to pull a fire alarm, the alarms have lost all meaning. “Like the boy who cried wolf”, all seriousness of the warning has been lost. | Third of all, the building has onsite laundry, you put money on a card, and use that card to pay. The problem arose when they brought in new machines. Now you have to go to the lobby to put money on your laundry card, and with how the building is laid out, its a far walk with a basket full of laundry. Their reason is ” so that both towers can use one cash terminal. If you use debit, its a minimum;maximum of 20$, and with the cost of the machine being $2.60 it leaves you $0.80 short of another load, making it necessary to put another 20$ on the card. Its just plain inconvienence for the tennants to suit the buildings owner. | These are just some of the issues, not going into, the lack of maintenance on the weight room machines and weights, the lack of maintenance in the game room, the foozeball table and billiards table,in particular, the elevators that constantly breakdown and just the general way everything has been thrown together with the only thought being save money. It looks great on the surface, new building, esthetically well designed, but after a couple months of living here you will relize it was not built for function. | The only good thing I can say is about the staff. Apartment maintenance is done promptly, hallways, lobby and outdoors maintained and kept clean, and the staff is always polite and really easy to talk to, but thats not enough to recomend this place to anyone, or even to be worth the money. Especially since REVO’s main concern seems to be building more towers with no intension of having parking and advertising their name anywhere they can in and outside the buiding, for blocks around, including making 2 new big REVO signs for the front and back entrance.


  • Name: Revo Housing
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: London, Ontario
  • Address: 700 King St.
  • Phone: 519-601-7386
  • Website: