These people call with a recording press 1 to collect prize and 2 to be on do not call list (doesn’t work did it when the first called me and I received 10 calls sometimes twice a day. I got curious so I wanted to ‘claim my 100$ gift card to anywhere oh but wait you have been selected for $60 food card as well) I asked clearly ‘how much will this cost me? ‘Sam’ replied nothing at all. So I give them my name and address. Then ask for debit credit card to pay for shipping and handling 4.95 and 2.99 to verify their bank is real. When I told her she received my information under false pretenses and asked for a supervisor. She declined and kept asking my card. I said I would mail a check what is your mailing address. This one states she can only tell me Phoenix az. And refused to give me corporate number she hung up on me. I called back 8 times to try to talk to a supervisor or get corporate number and address. I was hung up on 8 times. I then called on the other numbers this was ‘authur’ this time when I asked him to spell his name he couldn’t. There were also the fake supervisor (only get her bc she answered the phone- Annie garrison. When I explained I was hung up on she said it had to be technical error. Then when I asked for corporate she gave me 1888-608-4680 I have not called it yet. Then gave me 123 kenwood rd Clearwater fl 33755 (have not looked it up yet) then she hung up on me when I said someone told me it was in Arizona. But I guess that’s a tech error as well. Basically anytime I asked them legitimate questions I was hung up on. Then they said I was harassing them. So I said I guess scamming people out of money is an awesome job to have.Please shut these people down.