Complaint: Mr. Halbeisen owns a company that does e-cards as a fundraiser. Similar to the cards sold by children and students around the country that have multiple vendors on them where they can get a discount. The idea of having the card as an app sounded great, having it on a phone instead of a hard card, plus the percentage he advertised was way higher than that of the hard cards. The fundraiser ran for about a month. We got our first notification on Nov 1 and it ended Dec 1. After the fundraiser was over, Mr. Halbeisen 1) did not provide the downloads for the e-card app and 2) did not give the money to the organization that was raising the money, which was around $10,000 and 3) after multiple emails promising refunds to all buyers, did not.First the e-card was promised to be delivered on Dec 2 at the conclusion of the fundraiser. The he said the 8th, then he said the 12th, then an emal said that all refunds were processed and they were not. He lied over and over. The he said on the 26th all refund would be done but again, his excuse was that Apple still had a hold on his account. It is now Jan 5. Because the purchases were made on Pay Pal, he waited and waited until the 45 day period was over so Pay Pal would not accept any claims. He came up with many excuses and emailed us (the buyers) regularly telling us it was delayed by Apple, constantly blaming Apple and Pay Pal. Being trusting people and wanting to help the students raise money we waited. He constantly claimed he was out of money and it would cost him too much to refund anyone. How is it costing him money when the money was not even his. I understand he claims to have paid his attorney out of the funds the boys raised. That is theft plain and simple. The money was not his to use.There were over 300 buyers of this ecard at $25 – $250 each and I have yet to receive a refund and the other parents, family and friends have told me the same thing. I purchased 4 cards ($100) to distribute to my family. I had to go to my credit card company finally to get a refund which was considered a small amount it probably wont even affect Mr. Halbeisen. We live on a small island, everyone talks and we all know what is going on. Mr. Halbeisen has taken advantage of many low income families, many who could not afford the $25 but wanted to help these high school boys out. He thinks that we must be small minded Hawaiians or something but I promise you, this is not the end of it. I do know those running the non profit he ripped off have contacted the Colorado Attorney General as well as lawyers. Pay Pal was not much help because there were so many transactions for small amounts vs one large amount. Do Not Do Business with Rex Halbeisen, or or any other business he is affiliated with. If we had done our due diligence we would have seen other Ripoff Scamss on him. Please Note! He continues to advertise this online on his facebook page and advertises on CraigsList will continue to rip off non profit organizations, schools and other fundraising groups!

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 303-619-6679