Complaint: i recently called reynolds exteriors for an estimate on siding,gutters and trim on my home is approximately 1,600 sg ft 1 story ranch. i met with the sales man and told him that i needed an estimate for my home. he took his measurements and told me that this is going to be real expensive. after about an hour i was subjected to the ” i love reynolds book”” which took about another hour for him to go through all of this. he told me that i did not seem very interested and i told him that i wasn’t interested in the book and that all i wanted was an estimate for the siding.( this book is nothing but a smoke screen) he said that he would go through the book faster and then give me the quote. after he finished i had to ask him again for the estimate and he seemed reluctant to give it to me so i just stared at him and he finally gave me an estimate of 38

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Address: 000 dollars. it was then that i told him that i was finished and told him that it was time for him to leave. he stared at me as though i were a b***h. he finally said that i needed to hear what kind of discounts he could give and that he can call his boss and i could get discounts for making it a model home for their company. i told him that i did not want hear no more and it was time to leave. he finally left. during the whole “”i love reynolds”” spiel i did not hear about the warranty of their workmanship or the quality of their workmanship. i was only told of the sidings 100 percent warranty. they also wanted to cover my old siding that was still good with the vinyl siding and that they would not get the old siding out from under the windows frames. they would just cut around it. does this sound familiar to any one? it sounded to me that they wanted to put up the siding as cheap and as fast as they could to claim a profit.i did not hear about what is under my siding such as a vapor barrier. or how about rotting wood under the siding? would they cover it up or charge me to replace it. i saw alot of hidden costs that could come up during the installation. if you want to slap some siding up and you have a big pocket and your not concerned about quality then these are the people for you. if you want a quality job at a fair price go somewhere else.”


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