We signed up with this company 1 year ago today to have them manage a rental home we have. In our contract, we stated that any lease signed must end in the month of June (so we could sell during peak season) They found tenants for us that wanted to move in in october. They requested a 3 year lease. When I asked for a copy of the lease that the tenants signed guess what the end date was? Yep! October 2018 not June 2018. Rhino told me several times that they would fix it and they sent me 3 contracts with different dates on them. All of which had the tenants signartues and social security numbers. When I met the tenants during an inspection I asked them if Paul had actually discussed the incorrect lease date and he said no. So who created all of those contracts with the tenants signartures?? I guess we will find out in court. Do not use this company under any circumstances. You will regret it.


  • Name: Rhino Property Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Midvale
  • Address: 659 W 6960 S
  • Phone: 801-981-5237
  • Website: rhinopropertymanagement.com/