Rhino Roofing owner Mr. David Gibson knowingly and willfully hires unlicensed sub-contractors to install roofing! He knowingly does not help license these subcontractors so he can pay them less and increase profits.. not caring at all about the insurance non-coverage on the crew on the homeowners property. This leaves the property owners insurance at jeperdy.. so he is also committing fraud to the past insurance companies he has had pay him for services he has charged for. His contracts read licensed roofing contractor.. maybe he is (because he bought his license..not because he personally ever installed a roof or even probably never knows how..). The story of 75 years and three friends is all bunck.. he bought his license from a guy who bought his license and neither of them ever roofed anything in their entire lives.. the only one who did was the original owner who actually built the sold the company To the supposedly three friends about 6-7 years ago. If you are an insurance provider reading this you need to investigate all the fraudulent claims you paid out to this roofer over the last three years for illegal install he has done and got paid on utilizing an unlicensed roofing crew or more.. The name of the crew I know working for him is not even licensed in any business to my knowledge but actually have a business card reading that they do landscaping..!! The roofing crew manager actually told me he has tried to get licensed but David refuses to help him.. knowing this he can pay him less… “Duke City Roofing and Landscaping””.. is the unlicensed roofer.. you are at very great risk having this crew on your property as your insurance is liable not the “”contracted roofer”” Rhino Roofing.. This has been going on for three years now and if not investigated and fined will continue to commit fraud

against insurance companies and home owners as long as he can. This information was given to me directly by the roofing crew manager.”

3720 Commercial St. NW Albuquerque, New Mexico USA


3720 Commercial St. NW