I worked for Rhp Properties for a year a half as an OA. From the start the RM and CM lied to me as to what I would make for Home Sale Commisions. Once I started selling homes the price they told me dropped to half of what it was supposed to be. The CM was receiving the other half and even admitted it to me and changed her story as soon as the RM asked her about it. The RM Chynthia Rusk is a very hateful person to her employees and lies in every situation just to get things to go her way. I was even promoted at one time and it was taken back two weeks later and at that time the RM promised me she would try to get me a raise and it never happened. It was just another lie to get me to stay. The property that I was employed at is in very poor condition and when ever I would complain about not getting things done that should be done all I got was a bunch of excuses about budget issues, but when the owners of the mobile home park came to do an inspection, miraculously they had it in the budget to get things done in a week, just to make it look like they were doing thier job. After several attempts to get someone to give a crap about this community I finally got tired of all the excuses and lies so I resigned. Because I resigned they took my accrued vacation that I worked for from me because the RM was mad that I did not give notice. I have proof of another employee doing the same thing but still got his vacation pay in his last paycheck. I am taking this company to court for my vacation and commision that is owed to me because even though I no longer work there, I earned this in my time of employemnt with them and last I heard in the State of Michigan an employer or an employee can terminate thier employment at any time without consiquesces. I was very good at my job and the residents of the community did not want to see me go as the actual communtiy manager refused to even communicate with the residents nor would she even visit the community that SHE was the manager at. She would not even answer thier calls or interact with the community at all. I did not think it was fair that I had to do all the work of a CM with OA pay, as the CM refused to work at this community. Once again when I complained about this to the Rm I only got a bunch of excuses. I was supposed to be hired as an OA for two communities however after several attempts to get the CM to work at the smaller community, I was once again given excuses about how busy the CM was at the bigger community. My problem with that was that when she was hired she was hired to take care of both communities and she refused as she had me to use to take care of the smaller one. They billed the smaller community for things that were not even used there but they had to make it look like it was being taken care of when it wasnt. In the winter we had to wait until late in the afternoon to get plowed as the othher communtiy always came first. Last but not least, they treat the reidents like crap, even going as far to say they lie whenever they have complaints. there are so many potholes in this community and all of the drains are clogged so when it rains we have peices of cement all through the community that they just leave as thier inspection is over now so they do not care. There are several other horrible things that go on and RHP Properties is the worst company to work for. The only good reviews they get are all anonymous becasue they put the comments in themselves to make them look better.

31200 Northwestern Hwy Farmington Hills, Michigan USA



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