Riaan Pieterse has a website-Riaan-mastro-lion-pieterse.strikingly.com and also a Linkedin profile under his name(riaan pieterse)he is a big fake and a fraud,he says that he his a world known producers and ghost producer for major artists such as: fat joe,jay z,jodeci,lil wayne,kanye,r.kelly,nas,jeezy,t.i,adele,puff daddy,50 cent,busta rhymes,teddy riley,ice cube,dr.dre,etc he claims to work for roc nation,def jam and other major labels he claims he has 3 grammy awards for his work.He claims to ghost produce for these artists and many more so that no one can prove him to be a fraud but i have been in contact with several of these artists and personally know some of them and NONE of them have ever heard of him.He claims to have done the sound track for MANY movies such as Blade(wesley snipes)and he has done none of these movies,not even so much as worked as a moving person on any of these movies.He is trying to get money from unsuspecting artists on the music industry website Linkedin to produce music for them,he gets the money and sends them to fake studio”s,there are alot of fake profiles on linkedin but he is by far the worst then to try to make himself look legit he makes posts about other people on there who are not legit(thats the pot calling the kettle black)he is taking large amounts of money from poor black artists who dont have that kind of money to lose bt he sells them a hell of a dream making them think that their music is great and they are going to be the next big artist under his guidance of course. | I personally know of a group that he ripped off for their money(i told them not to deal with this guy)they went out and sold drugs,robbed and stole to get up the sum of money he was scamming them out of,they put their lives and freedom on the line to get this money he promised would make them stars then he ran off with it and wont answer their emails or calls.There is nothing that they can do because it turns out this gy is in south africa(another white man in south africa trying to rob blacks of all they have)anyway since they have told me about this low life poor excuse for a man(get a real job guy and stop robbing young black kids who want to mae it so bad that they believe your lies and put their faith and money into you)i am an adult(not a child)and i have many connections so i have been doing homework on this guy. | He has NOTHING to do with the music industry,NO ONE in the united states knows him or has ever heard of him(especially none of th artists who he name drops constantly)as i said i have connections,the icing on the cake is this guy has never left south africa(he has nor has ever had a passport-i have people in customs and immagration)He also claims to have diamond.gold and other precious metal mines that he is selling shares of and beating people out of money on a grand scale for jewels they will never see(that will be his down fall,see beating young blacks no one will care about that but when he starts beating white people out of their money believe me its only a matter of time before he gets caught)Anyone else out there who has been beat by this guy one way or another please speak up,im really trying to help out these young guys i know that he beat out of money that they risked their lives and freedom to make only for Mr.super producer RIAAN PIETERSE to steal it from them and hide under his rock in south africa and never contact them again after he got his blood money.I vowed to these kids that i WILL help them(as i work in a law enforcement capacity)I do have friends in INTERPOL who are looking into this scum for me,i know ill never get these kids money back but i will do my best to shut this guy down. | Its bad enough we have to worry about terrorism now innocent kids just trying to follow a dream and do something constructive have to get ripped off by Mr.Fake superstar producer.Riaan Pieterse you should be ashamed of yourself stealing money from kids,you own diamond and gold mines but have never even been out of south africa,if you owned such things you would be extremely wealthy and get out of a 3rd world country and come live the high life on miami beach or hollywood.In my research on you i see that you think you are slick by making posts about others who are doing the same thing you are doing so i just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine and let EVERYONE know the fake and fraud that you are,i guess you are too dumb to get a real job so you steal money from poor black kids but hey you are probably one of the racist south africans who fought to keep aparthied going on but oops they dropped that racism over there so i guess your way to punish blacks is to steal what little they have.I will not give up,i will track you down.PLEASE anyone else out there who was scammed by this guy speak up,anyone who knows where this guy is PLEASE speak up.I may not be black but my wife is and my kids are half black,people like you make me ashamed to be white. | I am however glad that i have the job that i do because it puts many tools at my disposal that will aide me in tracking you down then shutting you down,maybe they will put you in the same cell that Nelson Mandela was held in or maybe they will bury you in one of your many diamond and gold mines. if this will let me put it here are his lies in his own words:(funny how he has all these peoples pictures but he is not in any of these pictures with these people,read his pathetic lies,you are a fraud a fake a phony a thief a con man a racist,you probably dont even like yourself | Self Made Business Entrepreneur. Very Friendly and I hate Neg people. Don`t even pay them Heed. Enjoy reading the rest of My Profile.