Rich Cosner Rich Cosner & Associates Rich Cosner OCRich Cosner & Associates RiversideRich Cosner & Associates OCPrudential California Realty Rancho Cucamonga Didn’t pay for Cleaning Services provided to his Real Estate Broker Office, Closed that office and Re Open under different Name to avoid paying his vendors. Yorba Linda, California!!. My company provided Cleaning Services To Rich Cosner Real Estate Office in Rancho Cucamonga/Prudential California Realty Rancho Cucamonga in 2016. They started following behind on their invoices (over 90 days late) and then on 02/17 our crew went to clean as schedule and the mayority of desks and furniture were gone. We asked their Real Estate Agents and they were also left in the dark. I contacted their CEO at the time and she told me that they had to close that office and asked to forward all pending invoices to the new company : Rich Cosner & Associates Riverside. She assured me that those invoices wil

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