The other report filed on the Toths is 100% accurate. They violate the 4th amendment of the constitution by allowing their workers to let the police into your apartment, which neither the landlord nor a worker can do, unless the police have a valid warrant. Their workers – including plumbers and electricians – are unlicensed. | They are so cheap they try to do the work themselves – and they are unlicensed to do plumbing and electrical work. They don’t file permits with the township. The don’t get the required inspections. If you don’t worship them and let them get away with doing nothing, they will get rid of you. The apartments aren’t even clean when you move in. | They don’t do repairs or it takes them ove 6 months to get to something. If you don’t care about where you live or how ethical your landlords are, this is the place for you. And Rich will do everything possible not to return your deposit to you.


  • Name: Rich Toth
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Haverford
  • Address: 411 Lancaster Ave
  • Phone: 484 222 1662
  • Website: