Complaint: A.k.a., Richard A. Goren, Alias, Richard Goren, Alias, ‘Psycho-Richard’ Goren, Alleged Attorney, Bodoff & Associates, P.C., 120 Water Street – Boston, Massachusetts 02109-4210 Sources confirm A.k.a., Richard A. Goren, alleged counselor at law routinely seizes assets from the elderly, fraudulently.Sources confirm alias, Richard Goren, maliciously abuses the law. ‘Psycho-Richard’ Goren, routinely files baseless lawsuits in order to seize assets from clients, from adversaries and even from his own family.Sources confirm Richard Goren, intentionally abuses the law. ‘Psycho-Richard’ Goren, routinely perjures himself to State authorities in order to fraudulently manufacture cases against his victims.Sources confirm Richard A. Goren, attorney-at-law, has a history of child abuse, domestic violence and bi-sexuality.Apparently, Richard Goren, has serious problems coping with his own sexuality.Apparently, Richard Goren, has serious problems coping with his violent temper.Apparently, Richard Goren, has serious problems coping with his addiction to illicit substances.According to sources, Richard A. Goren, has a lengthy history of abusive behavior.Apparently, Richard Goren, routinely violates Bodoff & Associates, clients and adversaries civil rights and the criminal justice system by intentionally, committing perjury, fraud, malicious prosecution and abuse of process to achieve his schemes.Apparently, ‘Psycho-Richard’ Goren, has a history of persecuting the elderly, especially, wealthy elderly women.A.k.a., Richard A. Goren, preys on the most vulnerable in society, – elderly women and children.If you or anyone in your family has been subjected to alleged attorney Richard A. Goren’s, psychologically disturbed practices or has had any difficulty financially or legally due to this Bodoff & Associates P.C., counselor’s malfeasance, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (‘FBI’), & the Securities and Exchange Commission, (‘SEC’), – immediately.

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