Will Not Pay For Work That Has Been Done


My Complaint: This guy is a real piece of S***. He emailed my company about two trees that he wanted taken down. My company is out of Winchester VA which is about 30 mile away and I sent one of my crews up like any other tree service would do. Im the only climber that was working that day and it just had to rain. When my crew and I arrived this guy wasn’t even there to tell us what need to be done. our original price was $150 an hour and he only paid us $525 for 2 days worth of work. He still owes my company a lot of money. All contractors and people beware of this guy. He is rude and hateful and has no problem of working you and not paying you when you are done.


My Demand: My company wants the remaining money that is owed for labor of 4 of my crew members that worked on his property