Here is a guy who orders a printer. admittedly we sent the wrong printer initially, but when we were notified of this we sent the correct printer speedily. the guy decides to say the power button won’t turn it off so it stays on all the time (doesn’t everybody leave the printer on anyhow). He then complains of this and at the same time opens a case on ebay. | This is a experienced rip off tactic. | He makes us pay for a return label, and ship the new printer to him. by this time we’ve paid 20$ a shot for shipping 3 times, he makes us end up with a case closed without seller resolution which damages our account, and he only sends the first printer back while ebay refunds his money from us. | Sneaky creep has cost us 60 dollars shipping, a couple hours of getting and packaging the printers, the materials to package them, the time to deliver them twice to fed ex, the cost of the printer which he took back from us by opening his “defect” case, keeping our account which we had worked hard for six months so far to return to good status, which costs us more for every item we sell on ebay by giving us a “case closed without seller resolution” when we had immediately accepted the return and never then asked us for another printer when he decided to say the power button didn’t turn the printer off (we retest every printer we sell immediately prior to shipment and there was nothing wrong with that printer. every one is tested at least twice prior to being sold and again just at packaging… we’ve been doing this for some years and reallllllly doubt we would miss something three times..). | The creep ends up keeping the printer he ordered for nothing, swindling us out of the shipping costs three times, and making us pay more to sell for months again… | Don’t buy a used car from this guy.. think he owns a car lot so he’s used to cheating people out of their hard earned monies….


  • Name: Richard D Bird
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Yakima
  • Address: 702 S 48th Ave
  • Phone: 509-901-6200
  • Website: