Richard Hoover MedStar Logis Seattle Fort Worth The Real Truth About Richard Hoover Logis MedStar Fort Worth Seattle aka Hoovster Fort Worth Texas!!. Hello Mr. Hooten: On the early morning of Saturday August 11th 2018, I received an email from Richard Hoover from his personal email to my personal email that may have accused and/or suggested that I made terrorists threats. This is absolutely untrue, a total and utter shock to me, and so preposterous that I feel it is necessary to immediately advise and inform the highest level of MedStar of what is really going on and to provide the appropriate bigger picture, context and totality of the circumstances that shows beyond a reasonable doubt that in fact and indeed it is Mr. Hoover who is guilty of what he has accused me of being or doing, which is to say that he improperly projected his disgruntleness unto me and accused me of being a disgruntled employee when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Because I h

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