Richard houghton is and has been on the run fron us authorities. He is misinformed that there is no statute of limitations on the people he stole from across the us because he fled. It is why he can and will never return to us. | He continuously orchestrates fraud and then pins it on others. He and this woman, susan sidwell, were alledgedly having an affair when they concocted this story. | Regarding the rape case that houghton reports falsely. Why is he reporting it and not some "victim" somewhere. It is a ploy to throw the heat off of himself. He is defaulting on all clients promissory notes and is in real trouble with the mexican irs. Many dollars have been washed and cleaned through his and his attorneys accounts and they are onto it. | He has already defaulted on clients prommisory notes and has been allowing employees Ryan gravel) to live in clients condos without telling the rightful owners and pocketing the money! | Richard houghton and allison zaner… Not long now. | Investment properties mexico is pure fraud with richard houghton. Have they tried to sell you untitleable land yet?