Complaint: I worked for Richard T.Howard and he still owes me $25,846 in unpaid commissions at Thomas Register back in 1995. I was a sales star at Thomas Register and when my senior contractor which I worked for retired. Richard T.Howard became my new boss. I took a territory from $66K to over $300K in a 5 or 6 year period. Mr. Howard made my life miserable and created situations to undermine my effectiveness in the field by changing contracts with addendums, witholding monthly draws, cut off from an leads and took prospects that I developed for himself. I was the last of five or six other guys that were maneuvered out or fired. Mr. Howard enjoyed humiliating and demoralizing the people that worked for him. In my case he wanted me out so he could bring in three new salespeople that he hired. I have worked for many different sales managers during my sales carreer but never for such an evil, unscroupulos, unfair , callous individual. I thank God I am self employed and never will ever have to work for such a crook.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 5001 birch st newport beach, California USA