They claimed that their daughter just died and he sold all of his Lamborgini sports cars to pay for his dead daughters hospital bills. The Designer Photographer and Owner of the Zebra Collection, Bruce Gregg met with Richie and trusted Richie because we have been trying to launch The Zebra Collection a high end womans Fashion Line. Richie Rosner looked to be the real deal and even rented a store front to convince Bruce he could be trusted. So Bruce Gregg delivered on his side and Riche Rosner drove to pick up Bruces stock of his fashion line. After no response and no sales for 30 days he came up with lots of stalling excuses and we demanded our Stock he picked up to be returned and we even paid UPS for the return of the Zebra Collection. When Bruce Gregg received the UPS delivery he took an inventory of his stock that was picked up by Richie Rosner and discovered that over $10,000. of stock was missing and that is our wholesale cost the total theft cost Bruce Gregg over $50,000. worth of lost income. Richie also moved out at night and stole things from the realitor he rented the space from. We want to find him and file charges and have have him arrested for Grand Larcany. They stole $50,000 of The Zebra Collection Stock which includes the following dresses, pumps, sandals, sunglasses, skirts, deck shoes, purses and they stole both the Black and White versions of the Zebra Collection and pretty much destroyed Bruce Greggs income and Bruce has lost everything because of these 2 Liars and PUNK A** THIEVES Richie Rosner and Colleen Rosner and they did not have a child who died they are weak individuls and need to be stopped today

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