Complaint: I am writing this report to make the voices of terrorized and maltreated employees’ voices heard, which are too scared to speak up in fear of losing their job. This fast food restaurant owner is constantly yelling and using obscenities towards his employees and has been heard by customers many times. He has been fined and spoken to by the labor enforcement team, but still seems to be using the same tones towards his Hispanic working crew. Also I have hear from a member of the work crew that he does not make use of the heating unit in fear of raising electricity bill and leaves his cooks and openers to the cold weather in the early morning. Also, lunch time gets pretty busy here, this is when the owner gets out of control and his menacing words come out. Not to mention he does not give proper lunch time to his employees. Most of these people working here are scared to speak up about the abuse since they are primarily people who desperately need this job and are people of Hispanic decent which do not have proper documentation to work in the U.S. This place also seems very sketchy with the way payroll is done which I have heard from certain people. This place should have a complete investigation done as they are about to open another fast food place and I am worried the abuse will continue on without punishment to the owner. This must be looked further into in depth and punishment must be just to this owner.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 22380 Cactus Avenue moreno valley, California United States of America