Scam artists! Customer beware. I went into Rick Johnson Auto & Tire to have a routine oil change. I had a coupon for $9.95 and the first red flag should have been that they could not do it for this price since my vehicle is a Honda and it requires 5W 30. They told me it would be $23.xx, I agreed. Then the person says they can do it right then and about 30 minutes later comes to get me and takes me out to the garage where my van was and tells me I have been driving on no oil and my vehicle is making funny sounds. I said I don’t believe you, I have my oil changed every 3 months and I check it regularly, also, the oil light has NEVER come on!! He said that he could not do the oil change and unless I agreed to a diagnosis and repair of what was wrong he could not under any circumstances do anything. UGH!! I told him he was ripping me off and he said I can take my car if I want. | So, I had to drive my vehicle about 1 mile to the nearest gas station and buy 5 quarts of oil to put in my van. I could not open the hood anymore, so I had a friend come and help me. Somehow my hood was latched in a way that I am still unable to unlatch it without some help and a lot of jiggling. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I have been checking the oil regularly with help on the current hood issue. No oil loss. Yet, since that day, my vehicle make a very bad sound every time I start it. Ugh. It’s sound like my engine is about to go. I am a single mom on a low income and these people destroyed my van. I don’t know when the engine will go, but I do not have the funds to replace it. I wanted to call and say something but I knew they would do nothing and even if they diagnosed it they would not take blame for what happened. I would not trust them anyway to diagnose or fix it for free! I have to worry now daily how long will my car last? What am I going to do?? I am posting this review everywhere I can and reporting this company to the BBB. I am not just an angry customer with one bad experience, this was so corrupt and so wrong it is my duty to warn others.


  • Name: Rick Johnson Auto & Tire
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: North Fort Myers
  • Address: 5785 Bayshore Rd
  • Phone: 239-567-2777
  • Website: