Hello, I am sitting here going over my current financial situation and couldn’t help but thinking about how far better off I’d be if I hadn’t got into business with Matt Lapierre and Ridgegold. Out of curiousity, I thought I’d google the name to see what Ridgegold & Matt are up to and to my suprise this site came up. I could not resist the chance to hopefully help someone else.I had come up with a business concept, and to this day, I feel it could be big. I searched for what I thought would be the right person / business I could both trust and build my dream. Matt lead me to believe he was the one. I was wrong!!! He took my moneyIt took almost three months after the said deadline to produce my conceptThe concept was not built as specified – merely a replica of other concepts built – changed names & colours.I later found out, I paid approx. three times the amount for what was received .I had issues with the web site – which when / if

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